WAddyelcome to Operation Cupcake Cutie, the official website of Addyson (Addy) Clark. Addyson was diagnosed on July 27th, 2012 with Multi-Nodular Pilomyxiod Astrocytomas. She has 3 tumors, one tumor located on her brain stem, one located on her optic nerve and one on the back right side of her brain. On an MRI they look like one large mass taking up her whole right side of the brain, but are actually 3 separate masses. The surgeon expressed to us the majority of the time you can operate on these tumors but Addyson’s are inoperable. The tumor on her optic nerve has significantly affected her vision. The tumor in the brain stem was blocking the ventricles where the cerebral fluid flows, causing the fluid to build up in Addyson’s head. On July 31st Addyson had surgery to place a shunt to help drain the fluid properly. The doctors have shared with us that Addyson’s situation is rare because of the location of the tumors, and how many primary tumors she has. On August 13th Addyson went into surgery to have her port placed for Chemotherapy. After surgery she was admitted for neurological changes. They immediately did a CT scan to find that her tumors had grown from the prior scan a week and a half before. She began chemo on August 15th and on August 17th they did a lumbar puncture. While she was sedated for the LP the anesthesiologist found that her incision from her shunt surgery was leaking cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). They tested the fluid to find that she had infection and on August 20th they removed her shunt and placed an external drain. Neurosurgery had to have 14 days of clear negative cultures of CSF to be able to internalize her shunt again. On September 4th they were able to remove the EVD and internalize a new shunt. After a 26 day stay in the hospital we were able to return home. Addyson has been such a brave girl through all of this. We know that we could have never made it this far without God. He has carried us each step of the way. We count it a blessing that He chose us to walk this path. Lots of rough days ahead of us but know that we can look to Him for our strength. Please pray for our sweet girl and our family as we go through this journey!